Best Foods To Have In An Off-Site Photography Shoot

Edmonton Photographer for Boudoir ShootsHaving photoshoots can mean standing, walking, and posing for hours with little to no time to take a break, eat and drink. For both photographers and models, five to ten minutes to scarf down a meal or a snack is a vitally important time. Whether you are part of the photography crew or the model, this short guide will be beneficial for any off-site photography shoots. 

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Now, let’s get right into the options!

Best Meals To Have In An Off-Site Shoot

These are some great choices we would recommend to any hardworking photography team or models whether you are ordering or self-catering. 


During an off-site shoot, you may be required to be on location at a very early time. Your breakfast should then provide the whole crew and cast enough energy to keep up with the activities for the day. 

Some great breakfast ideas would include bread, eggs, bacon, sausages, mushrooms, and tomatoes. Add in vegan alternatives like avocados, bananas, apples, berries, oatmeal waffles, tofu omelets, beans, banana bread, and hazelnut spread.

If a full meal breakfast isn’t possible, a combination of fresh fruits and toast/cereal (for carbs) is still a great option. Everyone will love being energy-packed and not feeling bloated after breakfast. 


If you have started early in the day, your team may already feel tired and may lose motivation if they go underfed during lunch. A warm lunch is a really great option. This could be as simple as soup and bread – you’ll love tomato and basil soup! 

Pasta is another option if a hot lunch isn’t possible. Try to provide gluten-free pasta as with any starch-containing food you will prepare. You don’t want anyone having celiac disease attacks during the shoot as this could disrupt your day. In fact, it is best to ask everyone’s allergies before preparing or letting them partake in the foods prepared.


Snacks can be provided in the mid-morning or mid-evening when taking a short break or just when hunger starts to kick in. A lot of these can be finger foods like protein bars, biscuits, cashews, carrot sticks, bananas, and grapes. A cold drink such as green tea and protein shake is always nice to have too. 

We wouldn’t recommend sweet foods such as pastries, chocolates, and donuts as they can cause a sugar rush. These may provide a short spike of energy, but you will later feel tired and drowsy.


A dinner meal is like a reward for a job well done. Many would opt for a restaurant meal at this time – if so, we would recommend finding a medium-prized one as there could be so many people in the team and cast. A restaurant with a ‘take-out’ option is amazing if pushed for time.

Home-made cooking is a great alternative when the budget is an issue. This can still be catered but at a much lesser cost. You can have a warm bowl of a hot meal or even just microwave a dish you have in your refrigerator. This will involve a bit more effort on whoever prepares the food but is definitely worth it.

Final Thoughts

The most important ingredient in an off-site photography shoot is hard work. You do a lot of mental work as you imagine perfectives and focus hard on the subject. You make the most out of every situation (yes, even the boring ones!). And you can literally put your physical self in extreme situations just to deliver.


Needless to say, off-site photography shoots put a lot of stress on the mind and body. So, always remember to reward yourself with the rest you need and refuel with healthy power foods. Trust me, you’ll enjoy the day much better with scrumptious food around.